Awards and Winners 2014

Steven Sacht-Luwes qualified for and participated in every competition since Grade 1.

Best performance of a Baroque work in the First Round: Alexander Whitehead

Best performance of a Classical work in the Second Round: Leo Huan

Best performance of  Romantic work in the Third Round: Jacqueline Choi

Tygerberg Prize: Natanja Uys

Category Prize – Piano: Iman Bulbulia

Additional Prize – Piano: Ah-Young Moon

Category Prize – Strings: Alexander Whitehead

Additional Prize – Strings: Naomi Fokkens

Category Prize Development – Strings: Bussisiwe Mashita

Category Prize: Woodwinds Kyra Burnett

Category Prize Development – Woodwinds: Roshnay  Britz

Most Promising Development Student: Roshnay Britz

Most Promising  Candidate 10 years and younger: Juliette Roux

Best Performance of a SA Work – Third Prize: Leo Gevisser

Best Performance of a SA Work – Second Prize: Louis Nel

Best Performance of a SA Work – First Prize: Alexander Whitehead

Leon Hartshorne Prize: Beatte Boshoff

Third Prize and Bronze Medal: Ah-Young Moon

Second Prize and Silver Medal: Iman Bulbulia

Johanna van Der Spuy Prize and Gold Medal: Alexander Whitehead

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