Requirements and Programme

The competition takes place in four categories: Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Other Instruments (Classical Guitar, Recorder and Percussion)

Five contrasting works, of at least three style periods, are required during the first three rounds.

The First Round must include a work from the Baroque period.

The Second Round must include a work from the Classical period.

A work by a South African composer is compulsory in either Round One or Round Two.

Works may not be repeated during these rounds.

The maximum duration is ten minutes for the first and second rounds, and fifteen minutes for the third and final rounds. Should a participant exceed the allocated time, the jury may request competitors to stop.

All repeat signs must be ignored, except in the case of Da Capo.

Should there be no original works for instruments other than the piano from these style periods, written requests can be submitted to the Chairperson of SASMT Tygerberg,  Include a copy of the work.

Piano concertos or parts thereof are not allowed. However, concertos or parts thereof will be allowed in the case of other instruments.

The competition takes place over four rounds. All participants take part in the first two rounds.

Candidates will only be allowed to participate on one instrument.

The compilation of the programme is subject to approval.


First Round: Two contrasting works (one Baroque).

Second Round: Two new contrasting works (one Classical).

A South African work is compulsory in either Round One or Round Two.

Third Round: Two contrasting works – one from a previous round and one own choice not yet performed.

Final Round: A programme of three works chosen from previous rounds.