Semi Finalists 2017

Morné Ogada          12 Violin
Tanya Zhu                9 Piano
Zhuofeng Du            8 Piano
Ricardo Hiniker      13 Violin
Julian Nel                 9 Cello
Corban Beukes        9 Violin
Annie Chang            7 Violin
Yu Qing Peng           9 Piano
Madison le Roux     10 Piano
Dané van Graan      13 Piano
Feng-Mei Chuang    13 Cello
Helené Venter         13 Piano
Teboho Motsatse    11 Piano
Jaden van Balla       10 Piano
Chiho Ogaki             10 Piano
Emma Steenkamp  10 Violin
Danielle Kock          12 Violin
Mike Wang               10 Piano
Juliette Roux            13 Violin
Keon Müller             13 Clarinet
Nadia Fokkens        13 Cello
Ludolph Pedro       13 Piano
Ga-Young Moon     12 Piano


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